The Highlights Of The Beer Industry


Olivier Goffin,全球啤酒,葡萄酒和烈酒副总裁SIDEL., shares insights about what drives the beer market and how equipment providers like Sidel are working to mirror market trends.

The Status Quo: Beer Industry Before & After COVID-19



From a packaging solution provider’s perspective, COVID-19 did not stop ongoing projects with brewers. Sidel and its customers used this time to prepare for the next normal—changes are not evitable; brewers need to be able to manage complexity and uncertainty. At Sidel, we are used to embracing and even drive changes by enabling our customers to secure their position and move forward with full agility.

New Tastes And Packaging Formats: Hard Seltzer Driving Variety Packs


在美国,硬塞尔兹 - 一系列酒精,苏打水和不同的水果口味 - 正在获得其普及,并且预计将在可预见的未来处于其他地区(欧洲,东南亚和太平洋和中国)的土地。这种新型产品不仅因为其独特的味道而令人惊讶,而且因为它的包装和晋升方式也是如此。

These new tastes—together with the constraints of the pandemic—created a demand for variety packs. This packaging concept was introduced to the food industry more than 15 years ago but was never really accepted by the brewing industry. Nowadays, customers tend to consume at home, and they want to have a variety of products to experience. Hence, they expect that brewers are able to supply these packs.


Premiumisation Of Beer With Flexible, Agile & Sustainable Solutions


To deliver premium quality, producers need proper equipment, and address customer needs for flexibility, agility, sustainability and utmost beverage quality. For example, Sidel’s filling technology EvoFill for can and glass containers combines the best hygienic conditions with great flexibility, sustainability and performance level. A bit further on the line, Sidel’s pasteuriser not only treats the beer very carefully and provides high quality, but also contributes to the environment with overall very low water and energy consumption. When it comes to labelling solutions, EvoDeco represents the concept of agility very well and can gently handle bottles without causing damage to the container and applying labels perfectly on the front, side and neck of the bottle with versatile labelling techniques.

To provide the premium look to the product throughout the packaging process, it is crucial to avoid damaging the container, bottle or can on the way. With regards to this, Sidel has solutions in conveying and accumulation. Especially, accumulation solution like AQFlex, allow to connect equipment, accumulate bottles, and balance the packaging line without making the containers touch each other. Furthermore, “scuffing” is not desirable for returnable bottles, decreasing the number of life cycles of the bottle, thereby conveying and accumulation solutions also play a great role in contributing to a truly circular economy.





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