仅适用于大公司吗?An Interview With SSI SCHAEFER

Thursday, March 11th, 2021

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To stay competitive in a pandemic climate, many food and beverage businesses might have considered, researched and even strategised co-opting automation solutions to their operations. For many of them, the term automation still implies machines or robotstaking overmanufacturing plants. While there is a space and need for such solutions, automation can also further enhance efficiency side-by-side with human labour. Further, manufacturers could also incorporate software solutions that help ensure product quality and safety that labour would struggle to keep up with.

这是不可避免的,在我们的挥发性气候中,将突出此类自动化技术的吸引力。在本文中,亚太食品工业杂志向华莱士betway安卓手&betway必威app#26426;版·塔伊讲话,物流解决方案区域总监来自SSI Schaefer的区域总监,了解各种规模企业的自动化的推动和拉动因素,以及他们在这一环境中的上诉。


答:在东南亚的发展在此圈ies, the need to ensure product quality and safety within a cold chain is paramount. Safety is verified by monitoring and maintaining the external environment and temperature of food. In particular in the cold chain environment, when transferring and handling products from location to location, handlers need to prevent the introduction of hot air into a cold environment,or防止冷空气逃逸。通过手动劳动力,该监控任务变得重复,有时难以跟踪,特别是如果产品与各种转移点行进长距离或者是人员没有记录准确的数据。


在上述情况下,SSI Schaefer的端到端的自动化解决方案是依赖劳动力,重复性工作流程的理想选择,并确保产品安全并存在原始状态。

Following a typical journey, when the goods arrive at the loading bay, the pallets are tagged with a QR and barcode using a handheld mobile device which is then logged into the client warehouse management system. Here, the zero to minimal human interaction begins. The goods are transferred to cold storage via an automated conveying system. With the entire logistic system powered by the SSI WAMAS software, it receives the inventory information and sends the information to the SSI Exyz—automated storage retrieval system to store the pallets. Used in a controlled temperature environment, the system can prevent moisture and any tempering of products.

The pallets are then automatically retrieved by the SSI Exyz from the right shelve and bay for delivery and its out-going information is captured in the system. Thereby ensuring 100 percent transparency in the material flow within the warehouse. This entirely automated process also ensures that there is no slippage of cold or hot air within the cold storage environment (-18 degrees C to -25 degrees C)—a temperature that is difficult for humans to operate in. Furthermore, with little to no humans intervention, power can be saved as doors and lights are not needed to be switched on 24 hours, which would help the company operate more efficiently in the long run.

问:What is your advice for manufacturers to get through the pandemic?

A: Adopt innovative solutions—I cannot stress this enough. It is important to understand that automation isn’t only for big players; small and medium enterprises can afford to automate in order to降低人力风险,提高产量效率,提高产品安全性。我们深入深入研究大流行气候,我们认为需要为传统上的“播种”任务纳入解决方案,例如清洁。虽然在Pre-Covid时期,雇用人工劳动力来开展卫生的任务是一项容易的任务,现在存在风险与可能引入病毒的制造气候。

We’ve all heard the concept of “adjusting to new normal”, and I believe one aspect of that is upholding the cleanliness of the warehouse without human interaction to reduce the risk of virus transmission between labour and through food/packaging.

A successful case study on the topic of innovation hails from the Philippines: ORCA Cold Chain Solutions is the country’s pioneer fully automated cold chain facility, a feat that would not have been possible without the desire to innovate to increase Philippines’ preparedness in case of local disasters or cases such as the pandemic. The ORCA warehouse offers temperature-controlled logistics, warehousing and pre- and post-storage value added services to help food businesses and the agriculture industry prolong and maintain the freshness of their produce.

来自Orca的Angela Degala与她的评论总结了:[我们是]第一个和唯一一家公司在我们所谓的那样投入这种方式food infrastructure。[...]我们看到了客户如何引起我们的品牌,因为它自动化承诺。我们还经历了一方面市场如何察觉创新可以带来的价值。

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