An Overview Of The Top 5 Technology Trends For 2021

Friday, January 29th, 2021

The pandemic has pushed consumers to not only expect better-tasting and healthier food but also consider a brand’s sustainability efforts towards a greener planet.



“Our current food sourcing and production systems are unsustainable. The need for innovation is bigger than ever,” said Sarah Browner, Food & Nutrition Senior Analyst from FutureBridge. “In 2021, several bubbling technologies are finally poised to influence product development and operations of leading players and impact their commercial products.”

结合其研究团队的深度域知道-how and data-analytics derived from their proprietary industry & technology platforms for deep insights, FutureBridge has identified five key technology trends for 2021:

  1. 废物价值化,从线性到圆形。全球三分之一的粮食生产要么以食物损失或食物浪费告终。这种食物浪费为可持续地养活世界提供了极好的机会。Incr-audible和NapiFeryn-BioTech等公司正在将废物转化为有益的成分或产品。betway必威官网备用
  2. 油菜将挑战大豆。使我们的植物蛋白质来源多样化以避免单一种植和生物多样性丧失将变得更加重要。我们预测,由于油菜蛋白的高生产能力和宝贵的氨基酸组成,它可能会打破大豆在植物空间的主导地位。
  3. 植物免疫。We expect natural sources of vitamins and minerals to find increased demand in 2021. Botanicals such as acerola and citrus fruits, for example, are popular for their vitamin C content. Our analysts predict that ingredient suppliers will increasingly invest in developing unique plant-based vitamins & minerals to meet these demands.
  4. 供应链数字化。Consumers seek information about how their food is produced, proof of where it comes from, and assurance that it is safe. We are witnessing a shift of digital technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and near field communication from a “nice to have” to a “must-have” by food companies.
  5. 再生农业是农业可持续发展的新方向。The urgent need to regenerate our agricultural supply base is evident in the emerging business strategies of major actors in the food sector.通用磨坊承诺到2030年在100万英亩农田上推进再生农业实践。我们预计2021年会有更多的公告发布。


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